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-Part 1-

We’ve all been told that SOS means Save Our Souls/Ships.

The assumption that SOS in Morse code means anything in words is a fallacy. The letters were chosen because of the ease of transmission and the distinctive sound of the repetition when the military began using it. It was only later that people invented Save Our Souls/Ship. And further still, SOS, in the modern world and the 21st century, means “Sibling Over Shoulder”, or so I've been told is used by the techno savvy culture.

CQD was the original standard international Morse code distress signal. It was originally proposed and adopted by Marconi on January 7, 1904. It was officially superseded with the code SOS in 1908, which was considered more distinctive and easier to use.

CQD stood for "Come Quick, Danger".

Let’s face it!

The biggest objection to getting involved with Network Marketing opportunities is the money. Let’s address this issue head on.

There are boatloads of spontaneous decisions that you make every day… without too much thought. Here's an example!

Whether to buy the large size of detergent or the more economical size.

That’s not too earth shattering, but let’s put it into context. Here's another example.

You’re driving down the street and you hit a sharp object on the road. You pull into a gas station to assess the damage. You’re hoping you can just get a repair on the tire. But the bad news is you need a new tire. Unless you have another vehicle, you don’t have a choice. You have to find the money.

Your refrigerator just died. Unlike other appliances like your coffee pot or toaster, you’re probably not going to be able to do without it for long so you have to locate the money somewhere.

These are things that happen in day-to-day life and they are mostly unavoidable. But rather than feeling totally out of control, there are some things you do have power over.

You may be one of the few on the planet that these things do not apply to, but the masses are using these conveniences on a daily basis. If you’re looking for the funds to get into and maintain a business that’s negligible in cost, let’s see if we can find it in your daily life.

Everything may not apply to you but, it’s a good bet that some do!

Could you find some funds for a business on a monthly basis if you really wanted to? Are you willing to bet on your future?

Do you have a cell phone?

There are about 200 million cell phone subscribers in the U.S. That's a phone for every two out of three men, women and children.

If you're like most cell phone users, you probably think you're paying less than 10 cents per minute for calls. Think again.

When you do the math, you find the average cell phone customer actually pays more than $3 per minute!

That's something to keep in mind as an increasing number of people abandon traditional landlines and embrace a wireless-only lifestyle.

Do you work outside the home?

If you commute to work, how much do you spend on astronomically overpriced petroleum? Not driving? How about buses, trains, el trains, or car pooling. All transportation, these days, is costly!

Are you eating here or there?

Unless you “brown bag it” you have to eat during the day. Even if you skip breakfast, you’re going to have to eat lunch at least. Let’s see how that adds up. There are many fast food places to spend a buck, but let’s look at the most popular one.

McDonald’s has 31,000 plus locations worldwide with annual revenue of 22.6 billion dollars as reported for 2008.

Well. Somebody’s eating a few burgers.

So you’re spending anywhere between $4.50 and $5.00 for a fast food meal.  This of course does not include any additional outside meals. Or Starbuck’s or snacks from vending machines etc.

Starbuck’s has an annual revenue in the US$ in 10.383 billion reported in 2008.
In an average week you will spend approximately $25 on one meal a day.

Having spent a week at work, you might even consider taking the family out for dinner and that will set you back, for a family of four, between $60-$100.

You’ve worked hard, so you decide to do something fun. Tune in next week to learn more!


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