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Like springtime, it’s been a long time coming – so here’s the March tip.

Most of us (especially in the Midwest) are sick of the snow and cold weather. We are eagerly anticipating spring and all that it entails. It’s about renewal, rebirth and new starts.

In the past few months, we have explored a multitude of means to prospect (Tip #1) and recruit new people into your business (Tip #4 & #5). I’d like to conclude this particular segment with a few more suggestions for prospecting.

These may prove the most challenging of all. Most people fear rejection on any level. Few of us are born with a thick skin which prevents us from being hurt when faced with a negative response. You must realize, however, that this is part and parcel of the business we chose to do.

If you are afraid of heights, piloting a plane is probably not a good idea. If your goal is to become a medical doctor but you can’t stomach the sight of blood, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Not that accomplishing these things are impossible; it’s just that you may have to overcome these obstacles by working harder.

The method I’m referring to is” face to face” selling. This can be literal one-on-one contact or group settings. Let’s look at some possibilities!

  • Home meetings. You can invite one or many prospects to your home, or they can invite you to theirs. This may work better if you know them in some capacity and feel comfortable doing so. Let them know that you would like to share a business opportunity with them. Ask them to bring their friends and business associates.
  • Hotel and country club meetings. If you belong to a country club…Great! Just ask if you can use a conference room, with no charge. After all you pay membership dues. If you don’t belong to a club yourself, you can ask the club administrators if you can rent a conference room at a minimal cost. Hold a weekly conference highlighting your business opportunity. This also applies to hotels that are usually glad to rent out conference rooms.
  • Go to businesses in your community and ask for a meeting with CEOs, managers or the person who can make business decisions. Usually they are happy to accommodate and thrilled to hear about new moneymaking opportunities.
  • If you’ve never heard of the “three foot rule”, here’s the breakdown. Anyone who is three feet away from you can be approached.  Either in the form of a sales pitch, postcard or business card. You can use this rule in line at the grocery store, post office or just walking on the street.
  • Don’t forget to talk to your church members as well! Sometimes you may even be able to approach your pastor about new ideas for fund-raising that could incorporate your business opportunity.

Just as springtime is about new beginnings, some of these ideas may be new to you and potentially a little frightening for the novice; but remember – anything that you have conquered began with the first steps. You need to plant some seeds for a bountiful harvest. When you see those seeds start to sprout and grow, you’ll be glad you did a little digging!

More tips? Watch my prospecting video "The Bottom Line" - CLICK HERE!



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