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A Sweet Deal

If you’ve been reading the Tony’s Tips, you will have noticed, I’m sure, that there is a never ending quest for surefire, cost-conscious methods of prospecting new clients for our business (CLICK HERE to watch my prospecting video). If you’ve tried any of the other tips, I hope they’ve either been a success for you or opened a doorway to new innovative thinking. You never know where the big connection will originate. Don’t discount any of these ideas as not complicated enough to work. 46 years of selling experience tells me they all work. Sometimes you’ll need to execute one at a time or in combination to get the results you need.

Here’s a sweet deal for February! As a business person, you may have a PO Box for your business mail or perhaps you just use your home mailbox. Either way there’s a good chance you are overlooking a gold mine of prospect leads.

When you receive business opportunities from other entrepreneurs, immediately add these names to a list or data base. From there you are going to use those names to create a mailing list. Mail your business opportunity to them! Whether you use your companies’ literature or insert a hand written note to introduce them to your business. Most of these mailers originate from entrepreneurs and business owners who are generally open to new opportunities and are always interested in making money.

For those of you who are feeling particularly energetic, make a notation of the telephone number of the prospect. Call the contact person and give them a presentation (CLICK HERE for a sample telephone presentation) on your business opportunity. Ask them how they are doing with their program and how long they’ve been in it. Who knows, you may find something you may want to get involved in. chances are that most people are just getting started and if you are doing well, they’d be open to listening your success story.

Next month we will explore some additional possibilities for finding prospects for your business. In the mean time don’t give up on your dream. Don’t discount any method we’ve discussed here as “pie in the sky”. Stick with it and you WILL be successful!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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